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In the heart of Edmonton, where durability and design converge, our concrete company stands as a specialized expert in crafting exceptional driveways. With a passion for transforming outdoor spaces and a commitment to quality that defines our work, we take pride in delivering concrete driveways that not only withstand the test of time but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property. From the initial design concept to the meticulous execution, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to creating driveways that seamlessly blend functionality with artistic flair. Explore the possibilities with us as your concrete partner, and let’s pave the way to a driveway that reflects your unique style and endures the diverse elements of Edmonton’s climate.

Concrete Removal

Most often an existing driveway needs to be removed and we can take care of that. Armed with the necessary tools and expertise, we efficiently break and clear away concrete driveways. Our approach involves transporting the removed concrete to a recycling center, where it finds new life as a sustainable base for future concrete projects. Opting for our comprehensive services not only results in cost savings but also eliminates the need to engage a separate contractor solely for demolition. It’s a savvy and budget-friendly decision for your project.

The Driveway Design is Important

Our initial step involves ensuring a clear understanding of the desired driveway appearance. Employing hoses, wood, and spray paint, we visually present the owner with a preview of the new design. This crucial phase gains significance, particularly when alterations to the driveway layout are anticipated. Upon the owner’s approval and satisfaction with the design, we progress to the subsequent stage—forming the driveway.

Forming The Driveway

Accurate form work is very important for the overall success of the driveway project. Well-formed driveways not only elevate the property’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its structural integrity. A precisely executed forming process is instrumental in achieving the desired slope and drainage, ensuring effective water runoff and preventing issues like pooling and cracking. Moreover, a carefully formed concrete driveway serves as the basis for additional finishing techniques, such as stamping or coloring, offering added customization and visual charm. In essence, the significance of precise forming cannot be overstated, as it serves as the foundation for a resilient, functional, and visually appealing concrete driveway.

Types Of Driveways We Build

The Broomed Finish Driveway

Broom finish driveways are a popular and practical choice in the realm of concrete surfacing. The unique texture achieved through the finishing process, utilizing a broom, not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves the functional aspects of driveways. This finish creates a slightly rough surface, boosting traction and reducing the risk of slipping, particularly in wet conditions. Moreover, the broom pattern adds a subtle visual interest, preventing the concrete from looking plain and uniform. In addition to its practical advantages, a broom finish driveway is known for its durability and easy maintenance, making it an ideal option for homeowners seeking both reliability and textured elegance in their outdoor spaces.

Broom Finish Concrete Is Popular

Whether your a fan of or have reservations about broom finish concrete, its lasting popularity is a result of a blend of practicality and general appeal. Appreciated for its functional benefits, the textured surface created by the broom finish enhances traction, reducing the risk of slipping, especially in wet conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for areas like driveways and walkways where safety is a top priority. Simultaneously, the broom pattern adds a nuanced texture, preventing the concrete from looking overly plain and contributing to a visually captivating and diverse surface. Moreover, the easy maintenance and durability associated with broom finished concrete make it a cost-effective and enduring solution, appealing to homeowners who seek both functionality and a touch of textured charm in their outdoor spaces.

Beautiful Stamped Concrete

 Stamped concrete driveways are a testament to our commitment to creativity and precision. Using a variety of intricate patterns and textures, we transform ordinary concrete surfaces into unique, visually appealing features. Our skilled professionals meticulously design and imprint patterns onto the concrete during its initial pour, creating the look of natural materials such as stone, brick, or slate. Stamped concrete driveways not only elevate the aesthetic charm of your property but also offer the durability and low maintenance associated with concrete. Whether you envision a rustic cobblestone design or a more contemporary geometric pattern, our expertise in stamped concrete ensures that your driveway becomes a distinctive and lasting centerpiece for your home

Float Finish Driveways

The float finish or sponge finish concrete driveway features a textured surface that blends safety with decorative charm. This uneven finish is perfect for those desiring a more laid-back and non-linear aesthetic, diverging from the uniform look of a broom finish driveway. Float finish driveways come at a comparable cost to broom finish driveways and are often enhanced with saw-cut details, adding extra decorative elements. Additionally, saw cutting is commonly utilized to craft borders, offering further customization options for a personalized touch. As is the case with all our concrete projects, it is advisable to seal the driveway with a concrete sealer

Float Finish with A Border

Borders come in any of our alternative finishes and can be customized with color upon request. The border, depending on its size and shape, might be monolithic or poured separately. A float finish driveway with a border may have a slightly higher cost compared to a standard float finish driveway. Just like all our concrete projects, it is advisable to seal the driveway with a concrete sealer.

Acid Stain Driveways

Acid-stained driveways are attractive due to their ability to enhance ordinary concrete surfaces into distinctive, vibrant, and visually appealing features. The acid staining process involves applying a mixture of acid, water, and metallic salts to the concrete, inducing chemical reactions that result in unique and unpredictable color variations. This technique allows for the creation of deep, earthy hues and marbled patterns resembling natural stone. The resulting appearance is not only visually impressive but also highly customizable, enabling homeowners to achieve a personalized and artistic look for their driveways. Moreover, acid-stained driveways are renowned for their durability, as the stain permeates the concrete surface, providing some resistance to fading, peeling, or chipping. This blend of artistic flexibility and long-lasting resilience makes acid-stained driveways an appealing choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring aesthetic for their outdoor spaces.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

 Renowned for its durability and unique textured appearance, exposed aggregate driveways showcase a surface embedded with decorative stones, pebbles, or crushed glass. This decorative technique not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides added traction, making it an excellent choice for driveways where slip resistance is crucial. Homeowners appreciate the versatility of exposed aggregate, as it can be customized with various aggregate types and colors, allowing for a range of design possibilities to complement the overall aesthetics of a property. Additionally, the exposed aggregate finish is well-suited for enduring harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable and enduring option for creating beautiful and durable driveways.

Exposed Aggregate with Borders

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways have maintained their popularity for numerous years. Borders for exposed aggregate can incorporate any of the concrete finishes, as well as natural stone or brick mortared borders. In instances of mortared options, we construct a sunken rough slab border. The integration of exposed aggregate with a border is recognized as one of the pricier driveway options. Spray paint is commonly utilized for its ability to provide a vivid visual representation of border design options before their actual formation.

Light Sandblast Driveways

A light sandblasting method textures the concrete surface  producing a sophisticated look that harmonizes with diverse architectural designs. The outcome is a driveway featuring a refined finish, preserving a polished and contemporary look. Light sandblasting enables precise depth control, displaying solely the sand within the concrete matrix, excluding any aggregate. This results in a pristine and graceful surface that combines visual appeal with functionality. The allure of lightly sandblasted driveways lies in their capacity to effortlessly integrate into the environment, offering a unique charm that enhances the overall visual appeal of any property.

Wave Broom Finish Concrete

The Broomed Wave Finish style creates a distinctive and visually dynamic texture to concrete surfaces. By using a special broom with a wave-like pattern during the finishing process, this method creates a unique undulating design across the concrete. The resulting finish not only brings a creative touch but also adds a sense of movement and flow to the surface. The Wave Broom Finish style is a great choice for those seeking a driveway with a more captivating and timeless look. Its textured pattern adds visual interest while maintaining the practical benefits of a broom finish, making it an attractive option for various outdoor spaces.

Creative Driveway Combinations

Creating custom concrete driveways offer the opportunity for customization through various combinations and designs, providing flexibility in both finish and layout. The design of the driveway is given equal significance, aiming for a smooth integration between the design and finish. The possibilities for color combinations are limitless, and patterns and finishes are solely constrained by your imaginative creativity. Every decorative concrete driveway we construct is individually crafted to meet the specific preferences of our clients

Stamped Concrete and Borders

Stamped concrete driveways with borders present a premium option for concrete driveways, offering a multitude of possibilities and effects when integrated. The use of integral color hardeners or topical color hardeners allows for the creation of diverse looks. With a selection of up to eight color options, realistic natural rock and stone effects can be achieved. The pouring of borders, depending on the desired finish, can take place either before or after the main body of the concrete.

Smooth Finish Driveways

Smooth finish driveways provide an elegant and polished look, enhancing the clean and modern aesthetic of outdoor areas. Created through careful finishing techniques, the smooth surface displays a flat and uniform texture, enhancing the overall appearance of homes and businesses. However, it’s important to be aware that the sleek finish can become slippery when wet, leading property owners and developers to weigh the visual appeal of the driveway against the necessity for slip-resistant features, especially in areas prone to frequent rainfall or below zero temperatures. 

Modern Driveway Styles

Some modern driveways feature intentional gaps between the slabs, allowing for the integration of gravel or grass. This design not only adds a touch of greenery to the concrete expanse but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly and visually dynamic outdoor space. The incorporation of such gaps provides an opportunity for creative landscaping, offering homeowners a chance to infuse nature into the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of the concrete driveway. Whether adorned with green accents or maintaining a minimalist appeal, modern concrete driveways with strategic gaps showcase a blend of functionality and design, allowing for a personalized touch that complements the overall architecture of the property

Concrete Sealing

Concrete driveways get alot of abuse compared to other concrete surfaces. To protect against damage, it’s essential to keep your driveway clear of salt and other ice-melting substances. Avoid the leakage of corrosive chemicals and oil from your car onto the new driveway, as some stains can be challenging or impossible to remove. Regularly applying a sealant to your decorative driveway is a crucial step in preserving its attractive appearance over the years. Our maintenance services are accessible to all clients, ensuring the sustained durability of their investment.

Other Services We Provide

Patios - Steps - Walkways - Pool Decks - Walls - and More.....

Concrete repairs

At times, we provide driveway concrete repair services, depending on the extent of the damage. Whether dealing with small cracks, surface imperfections, or more significant structural issues, our skilled team is equipped to assess and provide effective solutions to restore your driveway’s strength and functionality. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship extends to repair work, ensuring that your driveway not only looks well-maintained but also stands the test of time. If you’re facing any issues with your concrete driveway, feel free to reach out, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for a durable and long-lasting repair.


David Garcia
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From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, their team exhibited unparalleled professionalism and craftsmanship. The attention to detail was astonishing, turning my driveway into a true masterpiece. The crew was not only skilled but also friendly and considerate, making the entire process a breeze. My neighbors are green with envy, and I find myself gazing at my new driveway more than I'd like to admit. If you're in the market for top-notch concrete work, look no further 5/5 stars!
Lesley  Wilson
Lesley Wilson
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Just had my driveway redone, and I'm thrilled with the results! The team was super professional and worked quickly to give me a driveway that looks straight out of a home design magazine. Five stars all the way!
Abe Miller
Abe Miller
Read More
BEST concrete contractor. Once they got onsite they had the driveway completed in under a week even with a rain delay. The crew was punctual, efficient, and paid great attention to detail. Now, my driveway not only adds value to my property but also stands out as a work of art. I highly recommend their stamped concrete services for anyone looking to elevate the curb appeal of their home.
J Mulner
J Mulner
Read More
I recently had a broom finish concrete driveway done, and I am thrilled with the results! The guys were professional, and they worked hard. I will get them back next year to complete my new patio I am planning now.

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In Edmonton, where a blend of innovation and durability takes precedence, our concrete contracting services serve as a testament to excellence. From skillfully crafted driveways to enchanting patios and intricate architectural elements, we take pride in molding not just structures but lasting works of art. Our unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with a discerning eye for design, enables us to deliver concrete solutions that exceed expectations. Navigating the ever-changing landscape of construction trends, our mission remains steadfast — to provide Edmonton with superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service. Choose us as your reliable concrete partner, and together, let’s construct a future where form seamlessly meets function, and every project narrates a distinctive tale of quality and innovation.

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We are offering a fantastic deal on our Website Rental Service. You get to try us out for a full 90 days, absolutely FREE! Experience the quality of our service and the impact on your business before deciding if we’re the right fit for you. Low monthly fees thereafter!

But that’s not all! Send us your company logo, photos of your work,  your company info, and our team will tailor the website to reflect your brand’s identity!